Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The P3 insight Core SDK is provided by P3 insight GmbH, Am Kraftversorgungsturm 3, 52070 Aachen, Germany (“P3 insight”). Any use of the corresponding host application, where the P3 insight Core SDK is part of, is only allowed under the conditions as outlined below.


Privacy Policy

P3 insight are aware that you consider a particularly safe handling of all your data as extremely important. All your data is processed by us in accordance with the provisions of the relevant EU legislation, as implemented in Germany.

Transfer and disclosure of information

The measured data from the P3 insight Core SDK is stored in a database and used for statistical analyses, mainly about network quality and service satisfaction. The information collected by your kind assistance supports the development and improvement of telecommunication networks as well as understanding relevant and underlying usage-related topics. 

Your data will be shared only exceptionally and in cases established by law. On request of a competent authority, we may, in individual cases only, disclose inventory data, insofar as this is necessary for law enforcement purposes.

You always have the option to uninstall the host application. With the host application being uninstalled the collection of information by the P3 insight Core SDK is stopped immediately.

What information is collected

By downloading and using a host application, which is enabled by the P3 insight Core SDK, you agree that we collect personal-related (pseudonymous) data. This is information that is not directly associated with the real-life identity of the user, for example, the type of internet connection or the measured velocity and location. In NO case do we collect content information such as messages or passwords.

Specifically, the following data will be collected from the user’s device and analysed:

Measurement results as executed by the P3 insight Core SDK (“connection tests”)

·         Internet availability / success ratio

·         Latency

Measurement data collected through use of the device (“passive measurements”)

·         Coverage / signal strength

·         Wireless access technology

·         Download speed

·         Upload speed

·         Dropped calls

System and usage parameters

·         User ID (pseudonymous random number)

·         Wireless network information (e. g. network operator, Cell ID, signal strength, SSID)

·         Device information (e. g. model, operating system)

·         Location information (e. g. longitude / latitude)

·         Usage information (e. g. transferred amount of data, call logs)

·         App usage (e. g. of all installed apps, their usage time, duration, volume and location)

·         Time information (e. g. time stamps of the measurements)

·         Other system information (e. g. battery status, memory usage, connected devices)

·         Release information (e. g. app build, data formats)

The regular execution of the connection test and the collection of the passive measurement and system and usage information take place in the background. The connection test is regularly checking the availability of a data network connectivity to the internet and, thereby, it consumes less than 3MB in total per month.

The P3 insight Core SDK is using ACRA as a crash analysis framework which may submit crash logs to P3 insight.


Terms of Use

Use of the P3 insight Core SDK

You are not authorised to distribute the P3 insight Core SDK and its contents, logos or graphics in any way. Legal notices that appear in conjunction with our services may in no way be removed, defaced or altered. We grant you in this regard, a non‑exclusive, non‑transferable right to use this P3 insight Core SDK. With cessation of service, the right to use ceases. You are not authorised to use the P3 insight Core SDK beyond the permissions by this contract nor have third parties use it or otherwise make available to any third party. In particular, you are not permitted to copy the P3 insight Core SDK or any part thereof or to decompile the P3 insight Core SDK.

You agree not to use it in an improper manner. This means that you may not modify or manipulate the P3 insight Core SDK and its data. By using the P3 insight Core SDK, you will not acquire any copyright or intellectual property rights in our services or the content, logos and graphics that you access, which means you cannot use them without our explicit consent.

The P3 insight Core SDK is provided to you free of any charge made by us. The P3 insight Core SDK will transmit data and this transmitted data may, however, incur costs or be deducted from your data allowance depending on your service contract, and you remain responsible for any such charges to from your service provider. We try to keep this data volume as small as reasonably possible.


P3 insight do not warrant that the transferred information is accurate and complete. Except as provided by law, we are not liable should you incur damage from improper, incomplete or delayed transmission of information or a fault of the P3 insight Core SDK. If the P3 insight Core SDK or the transmission of data leads to interference or damage to hardware or software, we are responsible only to the extent caused by intent or gross negligence by us. We are not liable for any data loss, and you are advised (as you would be when installing and using any app) to ensure you have appropriate backup of the data stored on your device.

Although we always do our best to keep the P3 insight Core SDK free of viruses, we do not guarantee that it is virus-free. Again, as with any app you may download and use, you are advised to take care of your own protection and ensure you take appropriate security measures to prevent viruses.

You are not entitled to a continuous and uninterrupted availability of the P3 insight Core SDK. However, we endeavor to achieve the highest possible availability and troubleshoot as quickly as possible. In addition, we have the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue our service, even without notice to you individually.

In accordance with the Product Liability Law, nothing in these terms seeks to limit or exclude liability in relation to death or personal injury.

Declaration of Consent

With acceptance of these Terms of Use, you agree that the information as set forth in the Privacy Policy, is stored, transferred and used by our partners.

Final Provisions

P3 insight reserve the right to update these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

(version dated: 2017/03/23)